GT 13.9


GT Casa Alarm achieved a remote controlled security system with very small dimensions (13x9cm). It’s a concentrate of technology able to enhance the typical functions of protection of these systems: environment volumetric protection (subsonic sensor), entrance door protection with the magnetic contact included in the kit and protection of person (for example elderly people to whom give the opportunity to ask for help via remote control handset).

GT 13.9 allows to manage the system by remote, via smartphone, tablet and PC, at any time and in any place. It is possible to send commands to the Operating ECU Monitoring or manage the features such as providing the system total arming or only a partial one, protecting some areas of the house and excluding others. Who said that a home security system must be huge and cumbersome?

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In case of intrusion inside the house, in addition to the immediate intervention of the siren incorporated in the control unit, GT 13.9 will automatically send a notification SMS specifying the type of alarm (indicated by the subsonic sensor in case of air movements, by the magnetic sensor put on the entrance door and by other optional infrared/shutters sensors), that will inform you in real time about the event.

Even in case of system anomalies caused by external circumstances (absence of mains current), the control unit will send you a notification SMS indicating the cause of the problem. To increase the entrance door protection, GT 13.9 is equipped of a magnetic contact to be applied on the door. It is also possible to add up to 24 magnetic contacts and/or infrared sensors to ensure a very inviolable protection.



  • Total or partial system arming by remote control handset/smartphone/tablet/pc.
  • Emergency override key integrated in the remote control handset.
  • Buffer battery in case of absence of mains current.
  • Powerful electronic siren 110 db integrated.
  • On/off status signalling through sounds and the control unit led.
  • Anti-tampering protection.
  • Sos request by remote control handset.
  • The system can be extended with wired input and/or wireless sensors (24 max).
  • System management and interaction by SMS or via the web (App available for iOS and Android).